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4 January 2005
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One World
Dedicated to underground dance music from around the globe

One World: Greece Label Special
Show broadcast on Radio 1 on Friday 11th June 2004

Radio 1's SITE - this information is accessed via polyglotta's archives.

::: Tracklistings
::: Check out the pictures from Greece
::: One World in Greece 

One World in Greece - The Labels
Klik Records
KLIK records finds its habitat among the sounds of the contemporary dance music - ranging from deep house, fusion jazz, progressive tech house, techno, ambient, down tempo and lounge among others. The label has been active since March 2003 and the artists published so far are Nikos Diamantopoulos, Mikael Delta, B.I.G., Chris Nemmo, Marsheaux, Dousk and Nikola Gala. 

A few months ago, KLIK Records started its collaboration with Intergroove Records, Germany, for world distribution, as well as Music Master for distribution in the Middle East. The company has just set up a vinyl imprint as well. So far, they have about 7 releases scheduled, with remixes by Hiroshi Watanabe, Circulation G.Pal and Dousk. We have also launched a new label called UNDO Records which specializes in electo dance tunes. The label also works with G Pal and his label SWIFT. 

Poeta Negra
Poeta Negra records originated as a label in 90s in the metrolpolis of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki, where it is still based. Up until 1999 the label made its mark through a series of sporadic and selective releases. Since 2000 the label has become more structured and stable and its current aim is to detect the latest trends of musical evolution in terms of form and function within the boundaries of electronic and, in a broader sense, contemporary music. 

Poeta Negra isn't strictly specialized as it releases a wide range of contemporary music forms from electronica to electro and post / experimental rock. Poeta Negra's roster includes artists and projects such as 2 by bukowski, Coti, Decades, Garden Box, Dani Joss, Neuro d,, 2L8, Drazen, Mo-x to name a few. Poeta Negra is being distributed in the UK by Cargo. 

Small House
Smallhouse was established in Athens in 2002 by dj/producer Nikko Patrelakis originally aiming to publish work and projects produced by Nikko . It's a musical label representing a fusion sound, focused on the house-soul-jazz-hop part of music, much based on live organic character along with the electronic accent. 

Currently its roster includes artists like Futuristic, Christo Z and Nikko Patrelakis. Three releases are out until now, including singles from Futuristic with G-Pal's and Moshic's remixes, and the new album from Nikko Patrelakis called TIME. Upcoming releases include a remix project based on TIME, from Greek acclaimed producers like K. Beta, Blend, Phatjack, Futuristic, Christo Z, Lo-fi and Savas Issatis among others. 

Popart records is the brain child of the Vinyl Microstore record shop in Athens. It started in the summer of '99 by first releasing the compilation "Try A Little Sunshine", a CD that contains 18 tracks from the Greek underground scene since early 80's till late 90's. 

After that, the label continued to release music by Greek artists such as the Crooner, Byron's Girlfriend, Vel., Hometaping, Spy F & The Zakulas, as well as a limited 7" single split series with Greek and international artists (kontakt series). Their release have been featured on John Peel's Show. Popart records will soon release a handmade ltd. bag with all releases so far. Also four limited 7" singles under the sub label "records of mass distraction" will be released in June 2004. 

Music Kitchen
Music Kitchen began life in 1994 aiming to bundle several activities (national distribution, tour production, promotion and advertising, booking agency, exclusive distributor of foreign labels in the Balkans, recording studio, video production) under one label. 

All these years Music Kitchen promoted and distributed the work of several local artists of the independent such as Universal Trilogy, DJ Savage, Mike Verros, Palyrria, Carpe Diem they also released 'Happy Vibes-Black Vinyl' a mix CD by Alan Russell. In the next year (2005) new albums from the artists Professor Skunk, Alexi Camay and Super CJ are expected while the new sub label of Music Kitchen called FRUITS OF THE KITCH will become active. Music Kitchen has not a specific music orientation, just cooks with fresh and eclectic ingredients. 

Rubber Records
Rubber Records first released Electroware's e.p. 'The City EP'. The label went on releasing three compilations aiming to map out the booming hellectronica. Many of today's performers has released at Rubber's imprint one way or another while the label maintains its status as an all embracing label where much of new talent will first hit. In the past Palyrria, Parallel World, Electroware and Coti had participated in their project. At the moment the label is closer to an atmospheric & melodic direction planning releases by Deeprecious Freq., Hometaping and the compilation Deep Tones 02 along with selected vinyl releases. 

Quetempo is another of those really interesting labels that have started in the boom of electronic music in Greece the past couple of years. It is an underground label from Athens planning to release dance music in 12" singles and electronic music of broader influences in CD format. The people of Quetempo see themselves as a thread of communication among creative instants, far from trends of mass production, expression constraints and polarization of music. 

So far it has publish MONOCHROME 'elektroniks' an essential collection of 13 tracks blending electro , dub, down tempo and groovie tracks in a feast of samples and electrowaves, a perfect soundtrack from the Athens city scape. The label also released the 12'' vinyls by ELEKTROWARE 'poetry of war / red alert' and 'jungle / comm on'representing the best of the local techno scene. They are now in discussion with international distributors like SRD and Intergroove while their music has been featured on XFM and John Peel's programme. 

Vibrant Music
Vibrant Music was launched in 1999 by K. Soublis. K. Soublis who had various album releases on German label Chain Reaction as Fluxion. Vibrant Music has been created with the purpose to release electronic or electronically processed music that creates a listening experience based on feelings and emotions further than the trickery and wizardry technological advancements in electronic music offer. 

Current acts on the label include: Unsquare Mode, Fluxion, Coti, Naono, Silex, Qebo, PK Tayloh, Pridon, Andress Garcia spreading across Europe. Vibrant Music has been distributed globally since 1999 from EFA distribution. SRD (Southern Records Distribution) is the new distributor of Vibrant Music globally which makes it possible for the music to reach as many distant countries as possible. It also has a promotional collaboration with Third Ear in the UK. 

::: Check out the pictures from Greece
::: One World in Greece 

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